Services provided:

Being one of the most reputed wooden pallets manufacturers and suppliers we have to carve a niche for ourselves in the make. As a Quality and a performance driven company, our main aim is to offer top quality products to our clients at competitive rates so that their faith in us can be retained. We are striving hard to offer our gamut of immaculate quality by adopting and adhering to the principle of consistency in our Products and services.

Owing to the passion and hard work of employees and visionary policies of management, we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves in the national as well as international markets. We are committed to provide maximum satisfaction to the clients with our finest products and prompt services.

  • We manufacture various types of pallets to name few : Heavy duty wooden Pallets, Four Way Wooden Pallets, Euro Wooden Pallets, Wooden Boxes, Wooden Carats etc. These pallets are made using various types of jungle & pine wood as required e.g. Babool Wood , Neem Wood , Panchrau Wood , Pine Wood , etc. As required the pallets are treated with Heat Force Hot Air Treated (FHAT) as per International Standard for Pytosanatary Measure 15 (ISPM 15) which is Government Licensed Approved facility. If required pallets and carates are also fumigated as per International Standard for Pytosanatary Measure 15 standard (ISPM 15) to eradicated pesticides, fungi etc.
  • Covered Carat for customized cargo as per export specification including internal packing for safe and secure cargo movement.
  • Customized Packaging with bolt fastening.
  • Project Cargo Packing (Wooden Boxes up to 40 feet long and up to 25 to 30 ton)
  • Carat Packing of Straight Pipe and bend pipe from 16 TO 78 OD and up to 40 feet length.
  • We supply various kinds of wood as per nature of cargo for e.g. in heavy machinery product we supply Neem hardwood, in Pharmaceuticals & Agricultural products we suggest Pine Wood.
  • On demand fumigation services as per International Standard for Pytosanatary Measure 15 (ISPM 15)
  • Wood is used for Packing any M/c or Products, It is Known as Dunnage or Wooden Packing especially for export.
  • In Nature all Wooden Products Consists of Different Types of Pests and Fungi and those are Particular to the Area-country of Origin.

*Wood being a natural resource is required to be preserved in different weather conditions. For instance during rains the wood stock is covered. The stock is treated with chemical by sub-merging in the semi automatic tank of raw material and after manufacturing the pallets are spread with diesel and other appropriate chemicals to insure eradication to pesticides to the maximum.


The Golden Feather in our cap – Heat Treatment Plant: (FHAT)

Unnati Packaging owns a Government Licensed & Approved Heat Treatment Plant Force Hot Air Treated (FHAT) as per ISPM 15 standard. Our Heat Treatment Plant (FHAT) has capacity to run 9 batches of 160 Pallets each in single day. ISPM-15 Heat Treated Wooden Pallets offered by us are specially treated with chemicals for guarding against any termite infection

In Nature all Wooden Products consist of different types of Pests and Fungi which are particular to the Area-country of Origin. In order that these pests do not enter another country (while Exporting) we need to treat these pests (clear or confine). Hence the WTO in Collaboration with Plant Protection Council devised a Standard Called International Standard for Pytosanatary Measure 15 (ISPM 15) which has to be followed compulsorily by all the signatory countries from July 2007.

India is one of the signatories and the agriculture ministry is responsible for International Standard for Pytosanatary Measure 15 (ISPM 15). The Government department known as Plant Protection Quarantine and Storage of India is responsible to certify that the wood products are free of pest.



For the Heat treatment process a Specified designed structure is build which is fully enclosed and insulated and the wood is kept inside the heat is provide with dual fuel up to 70 to 90 degrees. In this process the wood is heated but slowly. The wood core should be heated at least 56 degrees and should remain at or more than 56 degrees for required time.

At the same time water content of the wood is also reduced to 15% from its original state. Since the water is reduced and the pests cannot live without water and the heat has eradicated them there is no chance of pest and larvae, and as the wood cells are hardened new pest find it hard to enter the treated wood.

Then the wood is declared free of pests and treated according to ISPM 15. A certificate is then issued and the product is allowed to export.

Following are the few highlights of our manufacturing / service providing capabilities:

  • We have a record production capacity of manufacturing 2500 pallets per day, that too catering to the specific requirements and specifications of the clients.
  • Choking of 50 Containers in one day
  • Palletization of 60 Containers (1200 Pallets) per day (Packing at Port or Factories)
  • Craft Paper spread in 150 Containers per day
  • Packing services at the customers’ destination including their warehouse, factory, port or if required all over India.
  • Our manufacturing team can be activated in a time of less than one day notice for manufacturing of Pallets, Packing and Stacking.

We have a sizeable fleet of self-owned vehicles and attached vehicles for internal transportation as well as delivery at customers’ destinations. We have open and closed warehouses at Gandhidham, Kandla and Mundra Port with all the required facilities like forklifts and industrial power generators.

At any given time around year, we have 50 Sizes of wood in jungle wood, we have 30 Size of wood in Pine wood we have 15 Size of wood in M.L.H wood

Wood being a natural resources required pampering in different weathers, our workshops are geared to work 365 days a year. In case, pesticides effect, the stock is treated with chemical meghaban by sub merging into semi-automatic tank and after manufacturing the pallets are spread with diesel and meghaban mixer to ensure eradication of pesticide.

Nature of work. Manufacturing and supplies of boxes, pallets & carrets. We also provide packing services at customers destination, it includes their warehouses, factories and ports it may be everywhere in India. We provide packing services on various destinations to name few mehsana, morbid and damman etc.

Complete List of Services:

  • Palletizing
  • We Provide Corrugated Sheet for Pallets
  • We make stack of cargos on pallets at sites & ports
  • We provide tailor made H.M Cover for covering of cargo on pallet
  • We provide tailor made HDPE Cover of required size for covering of cargo on pallets including exports cargo
  • We provide tailor made L.D Shrink Cover to Cover the Cargo on pallets
  • We provide Strapping on cargo
  • We provide wrapping of stretch film (U.V Stabilized & Non U.V Stabilized)
  • We provide shrink cover with hot air gun
  • We provide  all types of cargos Bag , Jumbo Bag , Drum Cargo, Box Cargo, Bulk packing Set Cargo & Bricks Cargo
  • Packing & Choking  of container with Wooden Planks
  • Supply on Vessels->Materials like Dunnage wood, plastic sheets, Craft Paper, Styrofoam, Separation Nett, Tapes, and Hatch Seal Tape etc.
  • Lashing of Containers with green strap/Cord Strap/Ratchet Belt
  • Plywood Blocking with various types for container loading Loose/ bulk cargo
  • We provide tailor made size of plywood as required
  • We Provide consultancy for pallets & packing
  • We provide green plastic at container as required (With all side & bottom Side Facilities)
  • We Provide HDPE Covers at required size
  • We provide H.M Covers at required size
  • We provide container covers at required size along with site consultancy
  • We Provide Plastic Sheets for the Bottom of rail Wagon
  • We provide HDPE Tarpaulines for open top wagons
  • We Provide Tarpauline of required sizes
  • We provide Door Nylon Nett for containerized cargo to block as per export specification
  • We provide dunnage air bag keeping Safety between two pallets/cargo
  • We provide stopper choking service at heavy cargo in container
  • Fixing of corrugated edge corners to secure cargo from size 2inch to 72inch
  • We Provide Corrugated paper at container at bottom & all side of containers
  • We provide plywood/Veneer on pallet to secure cargo
  • We provide required size of Plastic bag paals
  • We provide sticker making & sticking at cargo
  • We Provide ISPM-15 Fumigated pallets
  • We have ISPM-15 standard IN-HOUSE Forced Hot Air Treated (FHAT) Plant for Heat Treated Pallet
  • We provide delivery at workshop, ports or at the required locations
  • We Provide Jungle Wood Pallets
  • We Provide Randha/Smooth Finished Pallets
  • We Provide Randha finished with grinding pallets
  • We provide lashing material
  • We have world class equipments and techniques for pallets & packing
  • We sale or we use 12mm to 32mm heavy clips
  • We Provide packing service on sites , on ports & at godowns
  • We provide required base bend packing service of pipes, coated, uncoated & curved with outer dimension up to 78inches